Product Service

Who is Micro-money?

Micromoney is a company focused on micro-financing in the money lending industry and we aim provide the best professional solution to your financial needs in Myanmar.

We provide premium financial services to your everyday needs without any collateral requirements. Easy approval procedures with the shortest processing time will make the loan application simple and fast.

Micromoney offers an innovative approach to consumer loan products, which allows us to adapt to your varying needs.

What is the service fee?

Upon approval, service fee shall be charged 1000 kyat per day for 100,000

What is the service fee?

Upon approval, service fee shall be charged 1000 kyat per day for 100,000

Is there any late interest charged if I About receiving moneydefault my payment?

No, there will be no late interest charge. However, if you default on your payment, we will appoint a Debt Collection Agency to collect the payment from you. All fees incurred will be charged to you.

Are there any other costs that I have to pay?

Yes, there are some statutory chargeable fees that you need to pay such as consulting fee, transaction fee, and service charge.

About the loan

Who can use Micromoney’s loan services?

Micromoney currently offers loans services to customers:

  • 1. Between 22 to 60 years old; and
  • 2. Currently working and with a valid home address in the territory of Myanmar.

What do I need to prepare to apply for a loan?

You only need to provide the documents stated below:

  • 1. Salary slip
  • 2. Your NRC or Passport

How will I know if my loan is approved?

Once your loan is approved, you will receive SMS and email from us informing you the next step to getting your cash transferred to your bank account.

How will I know if I am approved?

A decision of your loan application will be sent to you through SMS/E-mail within 1-2 working days upon your submission of complete and clear document requirements. Micro-money assesses all applicants fairly and quickly.

Which cities does Micro-money currently offer loan solutions?

Micro-money currently provides loan services to customers working and with a valid home address.
On the whole territory Myanmar

I have not received loan verification message from Micro-money. What should I do?

We would be glad to assist you. Please contact any one of our support channels to request for assistance:

What are the basic rules? Minimum days for each option?

Main Rules:

  • 1. Loan should be less 50% of salary.
  • 2. 1st loan – to bank account ONLY.
  • 3. Second loan – Bank account or Payment system.
  • 4. Minimum loan term to borrow bigger loan – 14 days of using money on current step.
  • 5. Next loan can be taken after 5 days previous loan is repaid.
  • 6. Each next loan or prolongation: +2more family contact person.

About receiving money

When do I receive a loan?

We aim to process and release your funds within 24 hours after approval. We will send you a text message once the cash is transferred to you by Bank domestic remittance or to your personal account or in payment system.

I have not received my money, what should I do?

In case you have any problem in collecting your approved loan, please contact any of our customer support channels for assistance.

Message us on Facebook:

About repayment

When do I have to repay my loan?

We have included a section in your contract with details of your loan maturity date and on when you need to make your loan repayment. We advise paying on or before of the due date in order not to incur any penalty charges.

How can I make loan repayment?

Make instant transfer through

  • 1. bank domestic remittance
  • 2. payment system
  • 3. online internet banking.
  • 4. ATM Bank Card Transfer

Is early repayment possible?

Yes, early repayment is possible without any penalty charges.

Is late repayment possible?

We advise to pay your dues on or before of the maturity date. For late repayment, you will be liable to pay all the fees charged by the Debt Collection Agency.


How can I reloan?

We thank you for continuing to trust us in providing you with your immediate financial needs. To continue using Micro-money’s service, you can apply online through our website. We welcome Repeat Loans. If you are a borrower with good payment standing at Micro-money, we make it very easy for you to reloan. Just give us a call at 09-773937379 (or) 09-968818820 (or) 09-455218871 and inform our Customer Service Representatives that you would like to RELOAN and they will guide you through. Thank you!